Competitor Force Gauge / Test Stand Mounting Kits

A wide range of adapters are available to mount competitor gauges to Mark-10 test stands, and Mark-10 gauges to competitor test stands.

Note: When ordering models AC1020 through AC1025 with an ES10 or ES20 test stand, the optional AC1060 mounting plate ($75.00) is suggested. This ensures axial alignment between the force gauge loading shaft and the threaded holes in the base.

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Part No. Compatible Gauges Compatible Stands US Price
AC1020 Chatillon DFE/DFS/DFX


ES10, ES20, ES30, ESM303

AC1021 Chatillon DFM $95.00
AC1022 Chatillon DFIS $95.00
AC1023 Mecmesin AFG/BFG $95.00
AC1024 Imada $95.00
AC1025 Shimpo FGV/FGE $95.00
AC1037 Chatillon DFE/DFS/DFX/LG


TSA750(H), TSC1000(H), TSF(H)

AC1038 Chatillon DFM $95.00
AC1039 Chatillon DFIS $95.00
AC1040 Mecmesin AFG/BFG $95.00
AC1041 Imada $95.00
AC1042 Shimpo FGV/FGE $95.00
AC1061 Mark-10 gauges, up to 500 lbF (2,500 N) max Chatillon TCD200/TCM201/LTCM $75.00
AC1069 Mark-10 gauges, up to 500 lbF (2,500 N) max Mecmesin stands $75.00



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