Calibration Kit for WT3-200 / WT3-201 / WT3-201M Wire Crimp Pull Testers

This calibration kit is designed to permit the field calibration of a WT3-200, WT3-201, or WT3-201M wire crimp pull tester. The kit contains a complete set of attachments required to mount the tester to a bench, as well as the necessary brackets to mount weights, as follows:

  • Right-angle bench mounting kit
  • Weight mounting cage
  • Hardware
  • Wrench set
Note: Weights are not available from Mark-10. Suggested source for calibration weights:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems -
Refer to the respective user's guide for complete calibration instructions.


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Part No. Description US Price
AC1049 Calibration kit for wire crimp pull tester (weights not included) $850.00

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