Mark-10 Legacy Products
Series STA Torque Tool Testers   Series MG Torque Gauges   Series MGTC Cap Torque Gauges
Replaced by: Series TT02   Replaced by: Series TT03   Replaced by: Series TT03C

Series CTA Cap Torque Testers   Series BG Force Gauges   Series CG High Capacity Force Gauges
Replaced by: Series TT01   Replaced by: Series 5   Replaced by: Series 5 / Model M5-1000

Series EG Force Gauge   Series CT Cap Torque Testers   Series ST Torque Tool Testers
Replaced by: Series 4   Replaced by: Series TT01   Replaced by: Series TT02

BGI Force / Torque Indicator   Series MG Force Gauges    
Replaced by: Model 5i   Replaced by: Series 3 or Series 2    

ESM300 Motorized Test Stand   ESM-DC   TSB - Force, lever
Replaced by: Model ESM301   DISCONTINUED   Replaced by Model TSB100

Replaced by: Model ESM303H   Replaced by: Model ESM303H   Replaced by TSFM500(H)-DC

Replaced by: TSTM(H)-DC   Replaced by: Model ESM303   Replaced by: Model ESM303

TSFM500-DC / TSFM500H-DC        
Replaced by: ESM750S        

WT3-200 Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester        
Replaced by: Model WT3-201        

Series SSM - Inline compression and
tension testing
  Series SJR - Compression and
tension testing
  Series SS - Compression and
tension testing
Replaced by Series R03   Replaced by Series R04   Replaced by Series R01

Series SBC - Compression testing        
Replaced by Series R02        

Series STW- Torque wrench   Series STJ - General torque testing   Series STH - General torque testing
DISCONTINUED   Replaced by Series R50   Replaced by Series R51

Series STE - Torque wrench testing   Series STC - Torque tool testing   Series STBA -Closure, bottle cap testing
Replaced by Series R55   Replaced by Series R52   Replaced by Series R53

Series R54- General torque testing        
Replaced by Series R55        

Replaced by
MESUR™gauge or MESUR™gauge Plus

Adv. Ergonomics Testing Kits Series MKB   Overload Protection Module   Series RG Force Measurement Modules
Replaced by: Series EK5   DISCONTINUED    

Set Point Cable   Mitutoyo Statistical Printer   Adva. Ergonomics Testing Kits Series EK5

Self-centering Vise Grip        
Replaced by: G1106        


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