Partner / OEM Products

The modular and flexible design of Mark-10 products has facilitated their integration into a wide range of third party testing instruments. The below list highlights some application-specific testers designed by Mark-10 distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and tooling/automation specialists.

For detailed information and pricing, contact the Mark-10 partner listed on the respective webpage.

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ISO / IEC 10373-1
Credit Card Peel Tester
Measures peeling force of a card’s laminate layer
Specially designed fixture accommodates credit cards, ID cards, gift cards, and other cards
Available from JLW Instruments
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Score Bend Tester
Measures bending force of fiber board materials and plastics
Specially designed fixture ensures a 90° angle
Available from S. A. Meier Company
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ISO 80369 / ISO 594 Luer Lock Torque Tester
Measures medical luer lock torque under a controlled axial force
Conforms to ISO 80369-7 / ISO 594
Specially designed gage and loading fixture ensure sample is properly engaged
Available from Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc.
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Pneumatic Wire Crimp
Pull Testers
Measure wire terminal removal force
Pneumatic actuation, no electric components besides the force gauge
Available from LeTroLaq Tooling
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Spot Weld Tester
Measures pull force of spot-welded test samples
5,000 lbF (25 kN) capacity
Simple, manual actuation
Available from S. A. Meier Company
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Safety Shield for ESM303 Test Stand with Double Column Extension
Provides pinch and sample debris protection for the operator
Electrical interlock prohibits test stand operation while the door is open
Available from S. A. Meier Company

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