Loop Tack Fixture

For measuring tack force of pressure-sensitive adhesives..

»


Bend Fixtures

For 3-point and 4-point bend force applications.

»


Announcing MESUR™gauge Plus Software

Featuring data collection, analysis, and test stand motion control!

»


Motorized Test Stands With PC Control

Introducing the new 300 lbF (1.5 kN) capacity ESM303H tension/compression force tester.

»


Wire Crimp Pull Testing - Now Motorized

Introducing the new WT3-201M motorized wire crimp pull tester, an integrated solution for measuring pull-off forces of crimped terminals up to 200 lbF (1 kN).

»


New Motorized Force Tester

Introducing the new 300 lbF (1.5 kN) capacity ESM303 test stand, featuring an extensive array of enhancements and new functions.

»


Measure force your way

Introducing the all-new 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN) capacity ESM1500 test stand, featuring generous travel distance and clearance and an extensive list of available features and functions.

»


New 2,000 lbF (10 kN) capacity force gauge

Our Series 5 force gauges are now available in a 2,000 lbF (10 kN) capacity, with the same compact dimensions as our 1,000 lbF (5 kN) model.


A Force / Torque Indicator for Professionals: Introducing the 7i

Featuring an industry-leading sampling rate of 14,000 Hz and a slew of uniquely advanced functionality, the new 7i indicator offers high sophistication in the palm of your hand.


Series TT02 Torque Tool Testers featured on Quality Digest Live

Dirk Dusharme from Quality Digest explores the operation of a Series TT02 torque tool tester.


New Professional Force Gauges Series 7

Featuring an industry-leading sampling rate of 14,000 Hz and a slew of uniquely advanced functionality, Series 7 gauges offer high sophistication in the palm of your hand.


New Economical Force Gauges Series 2

Series 2 gauges address basic force measurement requirements from 2 to 100 lbF (10 to 100 N), in a compact, affordable package.


Series 3 Force Gauges now include continuous USB output

Continuous data output makes force vs. time tabulation and graphing simple and effective.


New Load Cell Adapter

Adapt common strain gage-based load cells and torque sensors to the 5i and 3i indicators with the new PTA adapter. Programmable via USB/RS-232 through the indicator. Click here to view.


New Torque Tool Tester

Introducing the all-new Series TT02 torque tool testers - ideal for manual and power tools. Measure first and second peaks accurately with a blazingly fast sampling rate, save up to 1,000 data points, output via USB, automatically detect tool slip or click, and much more. Click here to view.


Wire Terminal Pull Testing Made Simple!

Introducing the all-new WT3-200 wire terminal pull tester - an integrated solution for measuring terminal pull off force up to 200 lbF (1,000 N). Click here to view.


Mark-10 Products Featured in Quality Digest

Quality Digest recently featured Mark-10's new Plug & TestTM family of sensors and indicators in their weekly live broadcast. Click here to view.


Do The Twist! New and Improved Cap Torque Testers

The new Series TT01 digital cap torque testers feature a number of upgrades and new features - including class-leading accuracy, sampling rate, and unique features such as automatic data output/storage/zeroing, password protection, pass/fail indicators, and more. Replaces Series CTA.

»


New Force / Torque Indicators - Introducing Plug & Test™ Technology

The all-new Models 5i and 3i force/torque indicators are designed to work with a range of remote force and torque sensors. Plug & Test™ technology allows for the connection of any Mark-10 sensor to either indicator with instant recognition of configuration and calibration information. Replaces the Model BGI force/torque indicator and associated sensors.

»


New Economical Ergonomics Testing Kits

Series EK3 kits include a Series 3 digital force gauge with full set of attachment for ergonomics testing and job task analysis. Also includes MESUR™ Lite data collection software, USB cable, and cushioned carrying case.

»


All-new 1,000 lbf [5,000 N] Capacity Digital Force Gauge

The model M5-1000 is the latest high capacity addition to our Series 5 gauges, featuring a large graphics display, blazing fast sampling rate, USB output, and much more. Replaces models CG1000 and CG500.

»


All-new Series 3 Economical Digital Force Gauges

Featuring a large, graphics display, 2,000 Hz sampling rate, USB output, reversible housing, and much more.

»


New Wedge Grip Capacities

Our family of self-tightening wedge grips has been expanded! New 1" wide jaw (2,000 lbf/10 kN) and 3/8" wide jaw (200 lbf/1 kN) are now available, ideal for a wide range of tensile testing requirements.

»


Quality Magazine Interviews Mark-10 :: April 2010

Michelle Bangert from Quality Magazine interviews Mark Fridman, Sales and Marketing Manager, at Quality Expo South in Charlotte, NC.

» Click to view...


New 18" Travel Distance Test Stand :: Jan. 2010
The popular ESM301 test stand now has a big brother! The new ESM301L features travel distance of 18", while sharing all specifications and the unique build-your-own configuration platform with the ESM301.

»


New and Improved Manual Test Stand :: Aug. 2009
Introducing our TSB100 test stand, successor to the compact and economical TSB. The TSB100 offers a taller, more rugged column, and a rugged base, all at the same price as the TSB.

»


New Force Measurement Module :: Aug. 2009
The new Series RG smart load cell is a plug-and-play force measurement building block designed for integration within assembly systems, weighing systems, and other process automation and testing automation applications.

»


It's Not Your Father's Wedge Grip :: Feb. 2009
Introducing our new G1061 wedge grip, designed for a range of tensile testing requirements up to 1200 lb [5.3 kN]. Self-tightening serrated jaws engage the sample through a spring loaded knob and rack and pinion type mechanism. The jaws ride on rollers, eliminating jamming common in conventional wedge grips.

»


New Upgraded Digital Cap Torque Tester :: Jan. 2009

The new Series CTA cap torque testers accurately measure application and removal torque on bottle caps. Standard data outputs via RS-232 and Mitutoyo enable further analysis of test data on a PC or other data collector. Improved overload protection provides peace of mind while a redesigned keypad is simpler to use. Rugged construction permits use in laboratory and production environments.

»



Upgrade Your Ride! :: Dec. 2008
Introducing our new Series DC Advanced Motorized Test Stands, a family of motorized stands based on a sophisticated new controller. Our ESM, ESMH, TSFM500, and TSTM test stands are all available with this new controller, with such features as programmable cycling with dwell time, PC control, overload protection, expanded speed ranges, and much more. Stand-alone controllers are also available to work seamlessly with any existing motorized test stands in the field.

»



New PC Controlled Test Stand Model ESM301 :: Sep. 2008

The new 300 lb (1.5 kN) ESM301 test stand can be controlled via a PC or its front panel. The stand can be programmed to stop at or cycle between force values, travel distances, or limit switches. Integrated overload protection, programmable password protection, and a host of other features set this innovative test stand apart from its peers. The ESM301 is highly customizable - features are available at time of purchase or may be enabled in the field. Replaces the ESM300.



Smile! We're On Camera :: Sep. 2008
We've created a short video about Mark-10, including an overview, a brief history, a glimpse into our facility, and short interviews with some key personnel!

» Click to watch...


Mark-10 Article Published :: Sep. 2008

The magazine Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News has published a feature article in their September issue, written by our staff. The article discusses common force measurement applications in the pharmaceutical and medical packaging industries.

»


Equipment Donated to Local University :: Jul. 2008
From l to r: Mark Fridman, Marketing Manager, Dr. Anurag Purwal and Dr. Yu Zhou from Stony Brook University
Mark-10 is pleased to announce the donation of more than $25,000 worth of force and torque test equipment to Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY. The equipment will be used in the school’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for Advanced Sensor Systems. Mark-10 products will be used by students and faculty in such areas as biomedical device research, robotics, materials science, and other applications. As a leading regional university in the areas of science and engineering, among other disciplines, Stony Brook University is vital in supplying the local economy with well qualified engineers, technicians, and scientists. We are pleased to do our part in educating tomorrow’s technical leaders and ensuring that manufacturing and high tech industries continue to thrive.

MeasuringUP - The Mark-10 Blog :: Jun. 2008
Announcing MeasuringUP - The Mark-10 Blog, a casual forum for discussion on the issues surrounding force and torque measurement - including testing applications, testing techniques, product discussions, comparisons, industry news, and anything else that might come up. Read, enjoy, and contribute!

Hand Operated Torque Gauge :: Apr. 2008
Our new Series MGTC cap torque gauges test application and removal torque for bottle caps. Simple hand-held operation is convenient where it is not practical to position the bottle in a vise or more elaborate testing system. Capacities available from 12 to 100 lbin (135 to 1150 Ncm).

»


Get a Grip! :: Feb. 2008
Mark-10 has developed a new grip designed for securing caps, lids, and other similar items for torque and pull testing. With a maximum diameter of 3.5 in (89 mm), this grip accommodates a wide range of sample sizes, and can be used manually with a torque gauge or in test stand applications.

»


Force Gauges 101 :: Jan. 2008
Quality Magazine has published an article written by Mark Fridman, Marketing Manager, discussing typical characteristics and uses for digital force gauges.

»


Poor Doggie! :: Dec. 2007
Amid concerns about the quality of toys manufactured around the world, Mark-10 has developed a unique grip for pull testing round or odd shaped items, such as those found on toys. » Read more...


Announcing Our Next Generation Motorized Test Stand :: Oct. 2007
The new 300 lb (1.5 kN) capacity ESM300 programmable force test stand features a range of configurable features and sequences, including: auto-return, cycling, dwell time at force or travel limits, independent up and down speeds, password protection, and more. Most features are optional and can be enabled at time of order or in the field.

Force Measurement is Easy As 1-2-3! :: Jun. 2007

Read our complete front cover feature article in the June 2007 issue of Quality Magazine. Co-written by Mark Fridman, Marketing Manager and Istvan Mate, Technical Director this article provides a step-by-step approach to force measurement procedures. » Read the complete article...


Announcing MESURgauge Software :: Aug. 2007
MESURgauge is a powerful new program designed to expand the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments. MESURgauge captures load and travel data, graphs load vs. time or travel, calculates statistics, and offers a range of features including one-button export to Excel, customizable reports, configurable test parameters, and more.

»


Series STW Torque Wrenches :: Jul. 2007
The new Series STW torque wrenches is ideal for testing application and removal torque on bolts and other fasteners, with numerous uses in many industries. Compatible with Mark-10's Model BGI universal force / torque indicator.

»


Series ST Torque Tool Testers :: Mar. 2007
The new Series ST torque tool testers are ideal for testing various types of torque screwdrivers, wrenches and other tools. Features include a universal tool receptacle, data outputs, peak memory, and more.

»


May The Force Be With You :: Aug. 2006

Quality Magazine has published an article in their August issue written by our Marketing Manager Mark Fridman. The article focuses on common force measurement applications and discusses the components of typical force measuring systems.

» Read the complete article...


CE Mark for Motorized Test Stands :: Nov. 2006
The CE mark has now been applied to all Mark-10 motorized test stands. Testing was performed in accordance with relevant European conformance requirements.


Data Sheets Now Available :: Sep. 2006

We have published informative and easily printable PDF data sheets for our products. These sheets are available for download from the Product Literature section of our website. Links are also provided on individual product web pages.

»


Low Force Compression Tester :: Jul. 2006

The new Model ES05 test stand is a compact and economical compression force tester for a wide range of applications of up to 30 lb (150 N).

»


Cap Torque Testers Series CT :: Feb. 2006


These economical cap torque testers accommodate a wide range of container shapes and sizes, featuring peak memory for application and removal measurements, and optional data outputs.

»


Mark-10: The Industry Leader :: Nov. 2005

In a recent survey of force and torque instrument users*, Mark-10 has been rated #1 versus other major manufacturers in the following categories:

» Durability

» Quality

» Ease of use

» Performing to expectations

» Features

» Breadth of products

» Versatility

» Pricing

» Application and technical support

» Innovation

This positive development reinforces what many customers have come to know and expect from Mark-10. Our ability to design superior products, offer competitive pricing, and provide the best support in the industry truly sets us apart from others.


Pneumatic Film & Paper Grips Model G1046 :: Aug. 2005

This new fully enclosed, air-powered grip is ideal for seal strength testing of packaging, elongation testing of various materials, and other tensile testing requirements in applications requiring up to 100 lb (500 N) of force.

»

Motorized Horizontal Test Stand Model ESMH :: Aug. 2005

This 50 lb (250 N) capacity test stand is ideal for tension and compression applications including peel testing, pull testing, coefficient of friction testing, and more.


»


High Capacity Motorized Test Stand Model TSFM500 :: Mar. 2005

This test stand is ideal for heavy duty spring testing, tensile testing, and other applications requiring up to 500 lb (2.5 kN) of tension or compression force.


»

Miniature Force Sensors Series SJR :: Feb. 2005

These miniature tension/compression force sensors are ideal for applications with space constraints. Capacities are available from 0.25 lb to 100 lb (1 N to 500 N)


»


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